EAST AFRICA 2018. Photos from January

After a FILTHY ride into Uganda. A rare ‘selfie’.

They call it a road… The way from Suam Border into Uganda is lovely.

But it’s a hard road!

Precious and Alex, in the middle, with his brother, Nic and sister Gloria, at Coffeeland, Sipi, Uganda.

Michael, Coffeeeland’s cheerful askari.

Precious with baby Keira, Sipi, Uganda

Sister Betty, a nurse of the ‘old school’ at Sipi Health Centre

My hut at Coffeeland Resort, the quietest sleep in the world!

Alex’s aunt, Kanifa, makes us tea at Sipi

Justine, Kapchorwa, Uganda

Rose, who needs no langauge to express herself!

Marion, watched by Godfrey, Sipi

Children at Sipi. How they love to see a muzungu!

Young boys, with some years to anticipate, reenact their cicumcision ceremony!

With Alex, Precious and baby Keira at Sipi

On the ‘road’ back to Kenya

The old colonial hotel at Kaptagat

Complete with log fire, almost on the Equator, but HIGH!

The drop, almost a mile in altitude, into the Rift Valley. Wow!!! My favourite road.

The scenery in these Kenyan highlands is superb.

…just superb!

This could be Switzerland!

Mount Kenya reveals its snow. A lucky view for me.

Rapeseed north of Mount Kenya, with the great deserts stretching north.

Lost in the Aberdares Forest. This was remote!

Bck down the wonderful rocky road into the Kerio Valley. 24 hairpins, I was told – every one with a spectacular view.

Mary, Kimwarer, Kerio Valley

The scenery at the bottom of the Rift Valley is totally different. It’s hot too…

Cook Joseph, in his kitchen at Kessup.

Edwin, in his kiosk, Kessup

Peter, a good farmer, now aged 83, Kessup.

Chiri and son, Kessup

My third journey through the magnificent Cheringani Hills. No weariness with this scenery.

Riding through old forest in Cheringani Hills.

3 thoughts on “EAST AFRICA 2018. Photos from January

  1. Such wonderful images, Jonathan. The countryside is spectacular and the beautiful, happy faces of everyone seems to reflect how they are with you. Such special people. Keep safe. Love, Francesca xxx

  2. You really ought to publish these journals in a book, Jonathan. I’ve spent a very happy evening reading about your travels & enjoying the photos Thank you for letting us share your experiences from a comfortable Devon location! Mind you, it’s been cold lately – bitter East wind in T’mouth today. Keep safe. All good wishes, Philip & Caroline

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