AFRICA 2017/2018 Photos from Kenya

The best moment, flying from Nairobi. Flying over the edge of the Rift Valley with the early sun behind the plane.

Longonot crater, Kenya

Flying past the southern end of the Kerio Valley, part if the Rift Valley. Kessup is down there, waiting for my visit.

Baby Maria, surely one of the happiest babies? gets her first taste of swimming with Scovia

Sherri, Bo, Marion, Rico, Adelight, Rose, baby Maria, and Scovia

Scenery at Kewapsos, Kenya. Onion fileds climb the hillside

James, drinking bulsa at Kewapsos, Kenya

Emmanuel, Kewapsos, Kenya

Sheila, Kewapsos, Kenya

Attending the traditional funeral on the hillside above Kessup, Kenya

Ursula and Joseph cooking party dinner for 50 people at Kessup, Kenya

What a place to do your washing! But do they ever appreciate the view of the Rift Valley behind? Kewapsos, Kenya

Vivian at Kewapsos, Kenya.

Vivian, in the bulsa hut. One of my favourite photos so far

In the Cheringani Hills, Kenya

The Cheringani Hills, Kenya

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