2 thoughts on “2015 – some Lesotho pictures

  1. Greetings from Whincastle, top of Askwith.
    I thought my inbox had gone rather quiet, then discovered emails tucked into a folder seldom noticed on this mobile that annoys me and yet keeps me in touch with those who have flown off far afield.
    Nice to see a photo of you in amongst the other smiles I have come to know through their framed places of honour. My first thought was, oh, one of Jonathan at home!
    I came into this journey late so will have to backtrack.
    And, yes, I Did think you counted those bends!! Big grin.
    Big hug x

  2. Stunning landscapes and clearly a VERY happy Jonathan back in a place he loves – just look at your big smile!
    Have a wonderful Christmas. We will be thinking of you here in Harberton. Your house looks fine. Carols around the tree tonight, then adjourn to the Church House Inn. We will miss you but know that you are happy where you are.
    Be safe, be happy and may 2015 be the year your wishes come true.

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